• Project description
  • Accreditations of your organization (mandatory)
  • Presentation of your organization
  • Detailed budget of your project (mandatory)
  • Last annual report of your organization (mandatory)
  • Last annual budget of your organization (mandatory)


Relevance of the organization:

1     Grassroot non-profit or non-for-profit organization, of general interest, with official accreditation and eligible to philanthropic funds.

2        Organization that cannot distribute any part of its revenues to its members, directly or indirectly.

3    Organization with more than two years of official existence (unless the organization has a strong documented innovative   component responding to a specific need).

4        Organization with a minimum of 100 beneficiaries per year.

5    Organization operating directly (not providing only engineering or coordination of the project), without subcontracting to   local/smaller organizations.


Nature of the activity/project for which the request is made:

6    The final beneficiaries must be highly vulnerable women or girls: In situation of poverty/underpriviliged (absence or lack of revenues, homelessness, single parent, Isolation In rural areas or In the suburbs, etc.), victims of violence, refugees or in situation of disability.

7       Beyond emergency relief, the activity focuses on women or girls' empowerment, encouraging especially social and professional Integration, or access to education.

8        Activities can take the form of: a service, an instrument with a social purpose or a field operation.



9        The Fund is opened internationally and can support local or national projects/activities.

10     Projects can be in design/ideation phase, in implementation phase, or already in operation phase.


Nature of the activity/project for which the request is made: advocacy activities are not eligible.


Ethics/Human Rights/environmental responsibility:

Activities or organizations that are in breach with internationally recognized UN standards, including Human Rights, Health Safety & Security, Labor rights, Anti Bribery and Corruption, Environment & Climate change, etc., especially:

1         Organization with negative liabilities (controversies…).

2         Organizations or projects discriminating beneficiaries, based on gender, race, religions, beliefs (non-exhaustive list).

3         Activities with religious, political or military direct connection, content or goal.

4         Activities involving forced labour or child labour.

5         Activities having negative impact on the environment (carbon, biodiversity, water, etc.) or people’s welfare and livelihoods.

6         Activities having the potential to negatively affect Indigenous Peoples and minorities.

7    Activities or organizations that do not grant the right to self-expression, free association and collective negotiation to     beneficiaries and employees.